Gauge block set DIN EN ISO 3650 accuracy 1 (47-piece) steel

Gauge block set DIN EN ISO 3650 accuracy 1 (47-piece) steel Gauge block set DIN EN ISO 3650 accuracy 1 (47-piece) steel
Steel gauge block sets
  • Made of carefully selected, high-quality alloyed special steel
  • Aged, hardened and hand-lapped
  • Edges slightly blunted
  • Each gauge block is engraved with an individual identification number
  • Supplied in a wooden case with lettering on the individual compartments, incl. MITUTOYO test certificate confirming the centre deviation of each gauge block

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Technical characteristics

Contents Description Inhalt Marke Norm Baumaße DIN Standard constructional dimensions DIN Tolerance class Toleranzklasse
47 1x 1.005 mm / 21x 1.00 to 1.20 mm - step 0.01 mm / 8x 1.3 to 2.0 mm - step 0.1 m 47 Mitutoyo DIN EN ISO 3650 DIN EN ISO 3650 1 1

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Inspection plate - next interval in months

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G r a v u r e:

Article no.: 0790010001


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