Solid carbide NC machine reamer sim. to DIN8093B 4,5mm H7

Solid carbide NC machine reamer sim. to DIN8093B 4,5mm H7 Solid carbide NC machine reamer sim. to DIN8093B 4,5mm H7
NC machine reamers
  • Similar to DIN 212/8093
  • For H7 fit
  • NC shank for use in hydraulic expansion chucks and high-precision collet chucks
  • Form D
  • Straight shank, spiral-fluted, right-hand cutting
  • Up to Ø 13.0 mm solid carbide, from Ø 14 mm with steel shank
  • For reaming through-holes
  • Also suitable for blind bores

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1630050045 / 10041655
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Usage characteristics

aluminium < 8 % Si aluminium ≥ 8 % Si cast iron GG/GTS cast iron GGG copper Cu-alloy graphite hardened steel < 55 HRc hardened steel < 60 HRc hardened steel ≥ 60 HRc stainless steel austenitic stainless steel duplex stainless steel ferrit./martens. steel < 1000 N/mm² steel < 1400 N/mm² steel < 700 N/mm² superalloys Fe/NiCo based < 30 HRC superalloys Fe/NiCo based ≥ 30 HRc titanium alloys

very suitable suitable

Technical characteristics

Cutting data Cutting material D H7 D H7 D1 h6 D1 h6 Feed f steel < 1000 N/mm² L L L1 L1 Marke Norm Baumaße DIN Norm Toleranz Schneidenanzahl Schneidstoff Shank Spiral angle Standard constructional dimensions DIN Standard tolerance Vorschub f Stahl < 1000 N/mm2 Z
Cutting angle Information - yes Solid carbide 4,5 4,5 mm 5 5 mm 0,15 mm/rev 80 80 mm 21 21 mm ATORN DIN 212 H7 6 VHM Straight 9° LH helix angle DIN 212 H7 0,15 6
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