Cutting insert R050.7-30 internal turning 4mm a=6,3 L1=30 Dmin=7,0mm HC8605

304550 Cutting insert R050 internal turningHC8605
  • Bore machining from Ø 2 mm
  • Internal turning and copying
  • Straight shank and lateral clamping surface
  • Right-hand and left-hand versions (other left-hand versions available on request)
  • Material: X2CA superfine grain carbide TiAlN+C
  • Can be used up to HRc 66
  • best service life results only when coolant emulsions are used
  • Advantages over CBN:
  • No problems in machining thin-walled parts
  • Few temperature changes inside the workpiece
  • Can also be used in HRc 48 - 53 range without difficulty
  • Feed 100 % reproducible for the workpiece
  • Considerable reduction in tooling and adjustment costs
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Technical characteristics

a_klein Class differentiation criterion Coolant design Cutting data D h6_klein D min. d_klein f_klein für Halter L L1 Marke Modell r_klein s_klein t max.
6,3 X2CA right-hand Axial coolant supply Cutting angle Information - yes 7,0 6,8 5,5 2,8 676... 687... 45 30 Dümmel R/L 050.7-30 0,15 6,3 0,6

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