GEN3SYS® cutting insert XT HM C1 (K35) 22mm AM300®

105974 GEN3SYS® cutting insert XT HM C1 (K35) AM200® 105974 GEN3SYS® cutting insert XT HM C1 (K35) AM200®
  • Robust holder with internal coolant supply
  • 5xD and 7xD holders (3xD available on request)
  • Excellent chip control
  • Up to 20 % higher speeds
  • High-precision drill bit centring in the holder for absolute repeatability
  • newly patented TiAlN-coating AM300 for up to 25 % longer service life
  • High drilling accuracy, surface finish quality and concentricity
  • Helix-ground guide rail for maximum stability
  • Universally applicable for most materials
  • Innovative “XT” cutting edge geometry
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Usage characteristics

hardened steel < 55 HRc hardened steel < 60 HRc hardened steel ≥ 60 HRc steel < 1000 N/mm2 steel < 1400 N/mm2 steel < 700 N/mm2

very suitable suitable

Technical characteristics

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TiAlN Solid carbide 22,00 K35 (C1) AM300 Allied Maxcut 140

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