Indexable cutting insert DCGT 11T304-NF4 SW16NT

366623 Indexable cutting insert DCGT 070201-NF4 SW16NT 366623 Indexable cutting insert DCGT 070201-NF4 SW16NT
  • 55° rhombic, positive 7°, ground peripherally
  • One-sided chip breaker design
  • Suitable for aluminium, plastic and non-ferrous metals
  • SW16NT uncoated
  • SP16NT coated, also suitable for finishing stainless steel (austenitic, quenched)
  • for stainless steel max. ap = 0.4 mm at Vc max 140 m/min
  • SP16NT for titanium Rm* 440 Vc 60-120 m/min
  • Minimum ap feed always 63% of the corner radius “r”
  • Maximum ap feed is 63% of the cutting edge length
  • Cutting data recommendations apply for a corner radius r = 0.4 mm
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DCGT 11T304-NF4 universal application SW 16 NT

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