Digital calliper gauge 150mm (0,01mm) ABS AOS

Digital calliper gauge 150mm (0,01mm) ABS AOS Digital calliper gauge 150mm (0,01mm) ABS AOS
  • Particularly suitable for use in rough work conditions due to the electromagnetic inductive AOS measuring process (Advanced Onsite Sensor), which is not sensitive to dirt or moisture on the scale
  • “ABSOLUTE” scale for one-time zeroing
  • Digit height 9 mm (11 mm for MB 300 mm)
  • Battery life approx. 18,000 hours
  • Functions: ON/OFF, zero point at battery change (ORIGIN), user-defined zeroing (ZERO/ABS), battery check
  • Supplied with SR44 battery (No. 500534 0001) and factory certificate
  • Special accessories: Digimatic cable Type C, No. 563100 0021 (1 m), No. 563100 0022 (2 m),
    USB cable Type C-USB, No. 563110 0003
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Technical characteristics

Data output Depth bar Depth bar (tech. characteristic) Marke Messbereich Messsystem Norm Baumaße DIN Packaging_shipment Reading (tech. characteristic) Schnabellänge
no Flat Tapered Mitutoyo 150 ABSOLUTE DIN 862 Sturdy box 0.01 mm readings 40

Available options to this article:

(Depth) sliding calliper calibration up to 200 mm

Article no.: 0701010001

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Inspection plate - next interval in months

Article no.: 0790010013


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Article no.: 0790010001


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Battery, silver oxide 1,55V button battery SR-44, 357 (pack = 1 piece)
Article no.: 5005340001
4,25 €

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