Torus milling cutter PCD 3mm Z=1 r=0.3mm, HA

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Torus milling cutter PKD
  • One or two cutting inserts made of polycrystalline diamond (PKD) are attached to the shank for centre cutting.
  • Application: for aluminium, reinforced plastics, graphite, composites and other highly abrasive materials
  • Due to its extreme hardness and low wear, non-ferrous metals such as aluminium can be machined without any cooling
  • This achieves the best surface finishes
  • Long service life and cutting speed and can be reground multiple times
  • Please note that diamond tools are not suitable for calibration with measurement systems that require an electronic contact due to their lack of electrical conductivity.

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Technical characteristics

Cutting data Cutting angle Information - yes
Cutting material PKD
D 3 mm
D1 3 mm
Feed fz aluminium < 8 % Si 0,020 mm/tooth
Jaw quantity 1 cutting edge
L 60 mm
L1 30 mm
L2 5 mm
Milling application Side
R 0,30 mm
Shank Straight, DIN 6535 HA
Z 1 pc.

Usage characteristics

aluminium < 8 % Si
aluminium ≥ 8 % Si
very suitable