Cutting insert T-A Pro series 2; Ø28.00mm AM300 (steel)

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Cutting insert T-A Pro series 2; Ø28.00mm AM300 (steel)

Series 2 Drilling system T-A Pro
  • Series 2, diameter range 24.40 - 35.00 mm
  • Drilling depths up to 15 x D
  • Supports with innovative coolant bore system for higher flow rate
  • Cutting fluid is fed directly under the chip and creates a “hydraulic wedge”
  • Sturdy support and new chip flute design for safe chip removal
  • 3 material-specific geometries available
  • Wide range of applications in the ISO material groups P, M, K and N

Series 2 carbide cutting inserts
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Cutting values

Technical characteristics

Angle of the tip - S 132 °
Cutting data Cutting angle Information - yes
Cutting material HM
D 28,00 mm
Design HM AM300
Section shape Split point

Usage characteristics

hardened steel < 55 HRc
stainless steel austenitic
stainless steel duplex
stainless steel ferrit./martens.
steel < 1000 N/mm²
steel < 1400 N/mm²
steel < 700 N/mm²
superalloys Fe/NiCo based < 30 HRC
superalloys Fe/NiCo based ≥ 30 HRc
titanium alloys
very suitable
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