End milling cutter SC WXS-CRE Ø 6xR1.5 (P/M/K), Z4, long, HA, WXS

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Twisted cutting edge, quiet operation up to 65 HRC, finishing geometry, feed rates up to 20,000 mm/min

Torus milling cutter WXS-CRE HPC-Turbomill
  • 5 cutting edges, face cutter geometry for plunge milling
  • Straight shank, suitable for use in shrink fit holders
  • Thanks to a newly developed cutting edge geometry, this milling cutter is especially suitable for extremely high feed rates with normal-strength and hardened materials
  • New, extremely ductile and fracture-proof ultra-fine grain quality with enhanced multi-layer coating (Ultra-WXS)
  • Cutting material: ultra-fine grain solid carbide, TiAlN-coated

long (WXS-CRE)
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Cutting values

Technical characteristics

Cutting material Solid carbide
D 6 mm
D1 6 mm
D3 5,4 mm
L 90 mm
L1 2,5 mm
L2 12 mm
R 1,5 mm
Z 5

Usage characteristics

hardened steel < 60 HRc
hardened steel ≤ 55 HRC
hardened steel ≤ 65 HRC
steel < 1000 N/mm²
steel < 1400 N/mm²
steel < 700 N/mm²
very suitable
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